Sunday, February 7, 2010

my Ebook reader

I finally am giving it a try.
Just purchased the cybook Opus eBook reader. Form factor of a pocket book yet with 1GB internal ram and a micro sd card slot.
It great value for the price. No wifi, no umts but actually i do not need that. But the form factor and weight is great and i am already reading on it. It even fits in a jacket pocket and so I am carrying about 200 books with me everywhere i go. Great to carry all my computer science books and manuals with me yet without any heavy load.

Update: It is about size this time. The small form factor and the lightweigth design (about 150gr) is really convincing. I can carry my pdfs with me, lots of ebooks, and even txt and html documents.
There will for sure be still "real books" i will purchase but for certain topics the ebook reader is really a good alternative, expecially for the non-fiction books.

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