Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Being sick and hating it

My stomach is grumbling (not out of anger, at least not this time) and i have to stay in bed for at least another two days. Best thing, i can update this blog and restructure it a bit but there are so many things to do round the house in the moment and i just can't help now.
Well, maybe on the weekend. At least it is bad weather outside, so staying inside is not that hard.

My participation at the first european science parliament

from 9th to 10th of october, the first european science parliament will take place in Aachen, germany.

Participants from all walks of life (students, teachers, scientists, politicians, ngos, citizens) will meet to discuss the future of energy in europe.

And i have been selected as parlamentarian representing the group of citizens together with others.

I will update my blog while at the conference so you wil stay informed on the discussions and the result, the "Aachen resolution" which will be given to the european parliament as a recommendation.

For now, more infos can be found at: www.science-parliament.eu

Katja and her new bicycle

Now our second kid is becoming really mobile. Katja has her first very own bike, a cool cube mountainbike with 7 gears.
And she is really good at bicycling already.
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Katjas first school day

Doesn't she look proud ? And for now she really likes going to school and even making homework. I will try my best to keep the spark of interest for knowledge alive.
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