Saturday, May 2, 2009

Say hello to my Panda Poken. Or better, give him 4 !

That is my Panda Poken, greeting from on top of one of my Web Radios. It is the business one, I also have a bee for my private (Net) identity.

So do you poken ? Then give me four ;)
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How does Poken work, I found a great Howto

pl0g screencast #03 - poken from dotdean on Vimeo.

And here are the results of the Schwäbisch Hall Jury ;)

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"Grilling with Johann Lafer and SWR3"

A special event for the Hauck family and some friends of ours. Grilling via radiostation swr3 and via Webcam. And man did we grill some strange dishes. But they all tasted good, even the fish soup cooked inside pineapples or the sweet calzone pizza.
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