Saturday, January 31, 2009

Taking (virtually) part in the Davos World Economic Forum

Well, it is virtual but at least you can get information first hand, not filtered or interpreted by the media.

See for yourself:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hello everybody ! The site that was sorryeverbody


remember the last president ? What wa his name ? Well, at least there was this website apologizing in a very cool way for another four years of being behind the bush(es). And no look at them. Barack Obama is president ! Ain't that cool. Just when you think you know them, those americans can really surprise you.

You can be proud of yourself for choosing the right one !

And the website sorry everybody is now celebrating being loved by the world again. So just drop by and tell them, we love them again. They really deserve it.

Drop by at

It is a hard time yet we have reasons to celebrate !


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Completely mobile and always on (the internet)

With a new special deal from my isp and a windows mobile 6.1 phone (namely the samsung omnia) I am now always online. And despite being equipped with an os made by microsoft it is really a cool device. I can twitter on the go, blog, read news, get all my mail accounts, do my finacial balances, watch Videos, listen to music and much more with a device not much bigger than a standard mobile phone.

Yes, I still use linux on my desktop computers and notebook as well as on the EeePC. But as long as there is no such thing as a really free linux OS independent from a single provider (and no, i don't like the new G1 from Google cause it is limited to one cellular provider in germany and focused around working with google rather than with anyone and such a thing is a no go for me.), I will use, whatever gets tested positive. And the Omnia received a very good rating from germanys most independent testing organization (Stftung Warentest).

Still looking forward to other mobile phones with Android. Maybe something very interesting will pop up this year. At least there have been some vague announcements by samsung on a smartphone like the Omnia, but with Android on it. This sounds like a good trade in. But for sure we have to wait for at least one more year for the "Android" market to settle.
And there is palms new WebOS which looks veeeery promising to me. Still new things to come but in the end: My mobile phone must allow me to stay in contact and I am not too concerned what is running under the hood.

So from now on i am always on. One more step to becoming a completely mobile geek ;)