Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Unbelievable tragedy just happened in Winnenden. 16 dead ! My thoughts are with the families of those dead or wounded

It is unbelievable. 16 people killed in a shooting in a school in Winnenden. My thoughts are with the families of those kids wounded or killed.

I can barely express what feelings i have.

Had an intense talk with my kids to take away the fear they already feel to deal with the questions like: Can this happen at our school ? At least I could give them an important example of the value of friendship and caring.

Update: Well of course politics and the media accuse "1st person shooters" again of being responsible for the trategy. Another example how easy it is to find a scapegoat and not really think about the things going wrong in our society today. As long as we live in a society in which career and making money, mobility and focusing on the job is more important than society and family we will not stop such things from happening. We should refocus on non profit values like caring for each other, living in a community, taking time for friends and family rather than for working extra hours just cause some ignorant boss tells you you only can make a career when you do extra hours.

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